Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Best Things in Life are Free

In celebration of this glorious 4-day holiday weekend and to show how thankful I am for the TPT community, I've uploaded two new flash freebies available in my TPT store.

The first one is called Part Part Touchdown!  I saw this football chips and dip tray at The Dollar Tree and knew I had to use it for something in my classroom.  Right now we are working on our fluency with addition and subtraction, so this activity is great for when your students are ready for part-part-whole relationships.

The next freebie I've posted follows the learning sequence for addition and subtraction fluency.  After our kids demonstrate understanding of how addition and subtraction are related, they practice balancing equations by applying their knowledge of those operations.  I love this activity because students can hands-on manipulate and analyze the equal sign in these equations.

I hope you enjoy these freebies!  After all, the best things in life are free, right?  As this year is winding down, I'm especially thankful for my friends and family who've been there to hear my never ending rants and take care of me when I'm down ...and hungry.  ALSO huge shout out to the Dunkin' Donuts app because well, it's free too.  And it blesses me with free iced coffees which have gotten me through countless Mondays and Fridays.  And most of all the other days in between.  :) 

Until next time,