Friday, June 5, 2015

A Little Friday DIY

Rain, rain, go away!  We've had some unfortunate gloomy weather here in Maryland lately, so I'm looking on the bright side with this fun and cheery, super easy DIY project:

Okay, so ALL of the credit actually goes to my good friend who is super crafty.  I love the fun pastel colors she chose.  She ended up nailing these to a tree in her backyard and it looked so cute!  She had lots of extra stakes, so she gave me some to make my own.

I swear, those aren't weeds, they are flowers just waiting to bud; my roommates and I planted them by seed!

Three of these stakes were cut shorter and then they were all painted with some acrylic paint.  

Fool Proof Steps to Make the Directional Signs:

1.  Purchase wooden stakes from a hardware store.  These are from Home Depot.

2.  Paint them any color(s) of your choice then wait for the paint to dry.

3.  Use a thin paint brush to paint on the names of your most loved places.

4.  When it's all dry, spray the pieces with a spray sealer to weatherproof and finish your signs.

5.  Hammer and nail it together to either stick it in the mud, or nail 'em to a tree!

And that's prettttty much it!  I've seen these all over pinterest, but this was an extremely inexpensive and easy project to make whether its for fun, or any special event.  I'll probably be making more of them for my mom's garden because they were so simple to put together!

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