Friday, May 22, 2015

Ramblings and Randomness

Well hello hello!  Ready for some rambling and randomness?  Here are three things I am currently loving.  Woo! 

1. Honey Balsamic Dressing

How have I lived 24 whole years without this in my life?  It's the most addicting combination of tangy and sweet to ever grace my tastebuds.  Somehow I stumbled upon it at the grocery store (I got the Kens' brand) and now I don't think my fridge can ever be without it.  ...Told ya this would get random!

2.  Ear Jackets

I stopped a coworker to compliment her on the earrings she was wearing last week and turns out she is a jewelry consultant for Stella & Dot.  So I quickly went online and purchased my first pair which got delivered in less than a week!  I also have ZERO SELF-CONTROL so I continued to browse Bauble Bar and accidentally spent a little over $150 on way too many earrings.  #worthit

 The set in this picture is from Bauble Bar, but I actually love wearing the crescent ear jacket piece from Stella & Dot with the stud.   You can mix and match the studs all you want.  All the jacket pieces are adjustable too!

3.  Andrew McMahon

This guy isn't lying when he says he's "traveled around the world in a punk rock band."  Andrew McMahon is an incredibly talented dude who has been dropping pop punk / alternative hits since his high school band, Something Corporate.  He was also the frontman of good ole Jack's Mannequin, battled and survived leukemia, went solo, and is now Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.  Please just listen and picture yourself driving with the top-down on a road trip along the Pacific Coast (disclaimer:  I have never done that before, womp womp).  I also just love the message of this song and how it's for his daughter.  Check out this beautiful unplugged version here.  

Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Memorial Day!