Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Happy Valentines Day!  Thought I'd share a couple quick things:

  • If love accessorizing as much as I do, you need to head over to and check out their sweet deals!  You can get the J.Crew inspired bubble necklaces for $10!  I already have 2 (pink and teal) and I'm definitely planning on making another purchase soon. Their deals are only available for a limited time, go check it out asap!

  • My new freebie on TPT is Gangnam Style themed!  I'm really just getting started on TPT and this is only the second pack I've created, so if you've downloaded any of my products, let me know if you have any suggestions!  Click here to view it on TPT!

Luckily, I got to spend my Valentine's Day with 160 kindergarteners and first graders!  Hope you all had a wonderful day! 

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