Monday, January 28, 2013

Can you find the letter?

Today I did a letter search with a couple of the kids I work with.  These can be found in the pack that I posted yesterday (Commonly Confused Letter Practice).  We talked about the letter 'b' and words that start with the letter 'b'.  Next, they practiced writing uppercase and lowercase 'b's.  Finally, I told them that if they could correctly find all of the uppercase and lowercase 'b's in the letter search, I would give them a sticker.  We used bingo markers (purchased from the Dollar Tree) to mark the letter B/b on the letter search.  

The kids loved using the bingo markers! We will continue to practice identifying these letters, especially since I was able to trick them a little with the letters 'b' and 'd'.  If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear 'em, just leave me a comment!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentines Day Counting and My First Pack!

The kindergarteners I work with are practicing their basic counting skills up to the number 10.
Here's a picture of a counting activity I'm doing with some of them.


So since I've graduated college and started my job as a paraeducator, I've found I have A LOT of extra time.  Seems like my new hobby (and we'll see how long this lasts) is surfing Teachers Pay Teachers and trying to become as talented as some of these amazing bloggers and TPT sellers.  I explored the basics of Photoshop in high school, so I decided to create my own pack and offer it as a freebie.  The pack focuses on the letters that are commonly confused and reversed with the little ones.  

Download this pack for PreK, K and 1st.. I'd love to hear feedback from you!
Also if you have any suggestions or tips about selling on TPT, please leave me a comment.