Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer in Full Swing

I didn't expect this to happen, but my summer has been insanely busy!  I've been spending most of my days at summer camp swimming in the pond and crafting away, and most weekends working at a part-time job.  In between all that, I've found time to go to the beach, visit friends, and luckily land a few interviews.  My placement for the fall is still a mystery to me, but I know that everything will fall into place soon enough (fingers crossed!).

Field day Tug-o-War with first grade friends

The best way to cool off on a hot summer day at camp

We made pasta necklaces for Italy day at camp!
I got the fun idea of dying rigatoni noodles here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Countown: 13 days!

Just thirteen days left and school's out!  It is unbelievable how quickly the time has passed in the last  6th months since I've graduated.  I've really learned a lot at my school (from both the staff and the kids) and I've had so much fun being a paraeducator.  I cannot wait to see where I'll go from here, but I won't lie, it's also extremely nerve racking!

I took a trip to the beach this weekend to get away from some of the craziness, visit friends and celebrate Memorial Day.

Let's just say... my summer countdown has begun!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Over spring break, I..."

Happy weekend!  
As most spring breaks are either over or coming to an end, I thought I'd share what I spent my time doing:

My friends and I took advantage of the quick and easy (yet crowded) 30 minute metro ride to DC.  It was a beautiful sunny day to be a tourist and visit the memorials and monuments!

I am CHEVRON - OBSESSED.  I recently had my bathroom painted this bright teal color and we had a lot of extra paint left over.  This shelf had been sitting in our garage collecting dust for quite some time, and I figured it could really be put to some good use.  With a little paint and DIY pin-spiration, now have the cutest shelf to organize and hold (some of) my shoes!

I Have, Who Has?  Surprisingly, I've never heard of this game before I saw recent Pinterest posts, but I absolutely love the idea and so I was inspired to create this western-themed version of the game.  Motivate your class to become fluent in their multiplication facts by timing them and seeing how fast they can get from the first to last card!  

If you'd like to enter to win this game among many other teaching resources, stop by these awesome blogs and check out their giveaways:  

Congrats to these bloggers/teachers/creators!  What great inspiration!  :) 

I hope everyone enjoyed their well deserved breaks just as much as I did!  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting Organized This Spring!

Spring has sprung!  ...Or has it?  Believe it or not, it was actually flurrying earlier this evening and there's talk of snow / slush tomorrow morning.  Punxsutawney Phil, ya let me down!

This year, I am determined to have a spring yard sale.  First things first though, I need to go through closets, drawers, and heaping piles of junk to sort everything out.  Yikes!!!

My newest product I've added to TPT is a set of school supply labels with pictures... I love how the black chevron pops!  There are a total of 24 labels with a blank page included.  The labels are about 4" x 3".  I plan to use these in my own future classroom and I hope it keeps me organized so that spring cleaning is never an issue like it is at my house.

I've been a little busy lately and I just picked up a part time job which I am pretty excited about!  Anyway, here's a picture of how the school supply labels can be used.  Enjoy!

(If you haven't noticed, I am obsessed with chevrons.)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Happy Valentines Day!  Thought I'd share a couple quick things:

  • If love accessorizing as much as I do, you need to head over to and check out their sweet deals!  You can get the J.Crew inspired bubble necklaces for $10!  I already have 2 (pink and teal) and I'm definitely planning on making another purchase soon. Their deals are only available for a limited time, go check it out asap!

  • My new freebie on TPT is Gangnam Style themed!  I'm really just getting started on TPT and this is only the second pack I've created, so if you've downloaded any of my products, let me know if you have any suggestions!  Click here to view it on TPT!

Luckily, I got to spend my Valentine's Day with 160 kindergarteners and first graders!  Hope you all had a wonderful day! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Can you find the letter?

Today I did a letter search with a couple of the kids I work with.  These can be found in the pack that I posted yesterday (Commonly Confused Letter Practice).  We talked about the letter 'b' and words that start with the letter 'b'.  Next, they practiced writing uppercase and lowercase 'b's.  Finally, I told them that if they could correctly find all of the uppercase and lowercase 'b's in the letter search, I would give them a sticker.  We used bingo markers (purchased from the Dollar Tree) to mark the letter B/b on the letter search.  

The kids loved using the bingo markers! We will continue to practice identifying these letters, especially since I was able to trick them a little with the letters 'b' and 'd'.  If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear 'em, just leave me a comment!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentines Day Counting and My First Pack!

The kindergarteners I work with are practicing their basic counting skills up to the number 10.
Here's a picture of a counting activity I'm doing with some of them.


So since I've graduated college and started my job as a paraeducator, I've found I have A LOT of extra time.  Seems like my new hobby (and we'll see how long this lasts) is surfing Teachers Pay Teachers and trying to become as talented as some of these amazing bloggers and TPT sellers.  I explored the basics of Photoshop in high school, so I decided to create my own pack and offer it as a freebie.  The pack focuses on the letters that are commonly confused and reversed with the little ones.  

Download this pack for PreK, K and 1st.. I'd love to hear feedback from you!
Also if you have any suggestions or tips about selling on TPT, please leave me a comment.